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Outdoor advertising or some prefer to call it "Out-of-home Advertising" encompasses everything from billboards, bus-shelters, overhead bridges, LED panels to many other forms of advertising media which are generally large in size, and situated at strategic locations.

With the advancement in technology, outdoor advertising has evolved to a highly sophisticated and exciting innovative media. The best news is, outdoor advertising affords effective marketing opportunities for most types of business and it complements other mediums in getting your advertisement seen and heard.

It is an exciting platform in getting your message across effectively.

Outdoor advertising allows vast opportunities for advertisers to apply subliminal techniques which in turn are able to promote products through creative communication that can be comprehended at a sub-conscious level. This is achieved by the regular viewing of an advertising image displayed on the board at strategic locations. Over time, these images are enhanced, imprinted and sensed at a subconscious level which will highly influence any purchasing and decision making later on.

Danwan Outdoor Advertising - Road side billboard

Outdoor Advertising for Your Business

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach people where they live, work and play. It is media which is everywhere and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, generating repeated exposure targeting at the public masses - The Consumers.

Strategic Location

Today, consumers have the luxury of getting the latest information almost immediately. Everywhere we turn, we will never fail to receive information. While that is inevitable, it is still of utmost importance to have an unprecedented control over how and where an advertisement should be placed to be seen.

As outdoor advertising opportunities revolve around stationary media, it is vital to select the correct location to place your advertisement. Ideally it should be located at high traffic volume area to increase exposing the message of your advertisement.

Here, we will help you maximize your outdoor campaign opportunity by assisting you in selecting the right medium at the right location.

Outdoor Media Opportunity and Your Message

Outdoor advertising targets commuters who are always on the move.

As you target your mass audiences on the move, it is essential to keep your message clear and simple. The very best billboards and signage campaigns generally uses strong visuals with minimal words to convey their message to commuters in seconds.

At Danwan Corporation, we are able to guide you through the process of getting your advertisement seen and heard the Outdoor Way! No matter your budget and venue, there is always something fitting for you which will draw traffic and sales.

So call us today and let us show you how it works!

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